April 14, 2019

Vietnam and video editing

When I returned from my short trip to Vietnam, I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of photos I wanted to edit. At the same time in late January, I also wanted to try my hand in video editing. I had already tried taking a few clips with my new Canon DSLR in a few of the locations that I visited on the trip.

The next step was to edit those clips together to create a short video and select a music track to accompany it. The result of under a week learning the ropes of editing footage with Adobe Premiere Pro and putting something together can be seen in the linked YouTube video.

Rather than spend too much time using tutorial footage I was a little impatient and tried to learn by doing more. Still I went through a lot of the in built tutorials on Premiere Pro, including ones linked on the web to make sure I could use all the tools available and learn what I needed for my video. I also watched YouTube tutorials in between to research a little on tips on minimizing footage shake (thanks to my unsteady hands), frame-rates and transitions. In particular, I experimented with using a transition similar to a whip pan ( see ), which uses highly sped up short amounts of footage, to go along with the variation in music tempo. I may have overused it a little as I didn’t specifically capture any filler footage for this purpose. The end product isn’t exactly polished but I put out what was there without sinking too much time trying to perfect it, seeing as it is my first real video.

Since then I haven’t found much time for video editing, but having recently cleared my To-Do list item of Vietnam photo editing/publishing, I feel I can now once again return to practicing with video. I plan to make a second video using primarily night/urban footage from Vietnam this time around.

Otherwise, having completed my Vietnam photo backlog I can once again look to return to editing and posting more recent photos from the UK as well as past trips. I’ll also look into using the camera out more often to capture some new interesting moments. Will try to keep this blog posted.

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