May 9, 2015

Cycling in Denmark

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On my 2 week stay in Denmark, staying near the Hellerup area on the outskirts of Copenhagen and with access to a quality bike, I did the only reasonable thing and set off on a biking trip out of town. This wasn’t my first attempt and despite the distance being a measly 5 miles I already knew this ride would be time consuming and present a challenge at my meager level of fitness. However, I went for a more leisurely pace using any potential photo opportunity as an attempt to stop, point and shoot.

Pleasant t-shirt weather and clear skies blessed my journey and there was little wind to be had. I stocked up on water to stay hydrated and also got a Tuborg can for the road. Following coastal roads north along cycle paths, there was a nice view of the sea. At certain points you could see the Swedish coast not all to say away. Cutting inland next, through a small forest I rode on some rougher dirt paths and after exiting on the other side was back on some another streets towards my destination. Eventually reached the large park known as called Jægersborg Dyrehave after a good hour. There was a huge herd of deer to be seen on the large open field in its center. After booking past, I stopped by a small pond for a drink and started with the prologue of A Clash of Kings. After a while relaxing with the sun starting to set and the air feeling slightly cooler I started the return journey home feeling heavy despite the lengthy rest. I still took another small scenic detour through a wooded area and had to rely on GPS to figure out the right way back to the coast. Foolishly I did not opt to bring any food or snacks so I had to refuel my body at a bad station with a hot dog. Finally I returned home exhausted and weary yet relieved. More cycling to follow.

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